"Opening an Adobe Illustrator file with a previous version of Illustrator"

Updated: Jan 19

Opening an Adobe CS6 EPS, or Illustrator file with CS5 or earlier.

Can't open an EPS or Illustrator CS6 file with a previous version of Adobe Illustrator? I've come across this problem a few times: The client sends you an Illustrator file that was created in a newer version than you are using. So you try to open it and Illustrator tells you: "Can't open the Illustration. The file was generated by a newer version of Illustrator and cannot be opened. Please re-save it in a format compatible with your version of Illustrator. OK?"

“Sounds simple enough right, but when you click "OK", then Illustrator proceeds to open the file, but the resulting document is blank.

So below are three ways around this that I have discovered. These may not always work, but I have found they work in some instances.”

Option 1:

If you have Adobe Acrobat, you can open the Adobe Illustrator, or EPS CS6 file with that. Then simply save it as a PDF. Then open the PDF in AI CS5. - Just watch out for Font Substitution issues.

Be aware, some art may be flattened or expanded when opening the PDF in Illustrator CS5. And this assumes the CS6 file was saved with PDF compatibility on.

Option 2:

Create a new CS5 Illustrator document and "Place" the CS6, or EPS file into said document. In CS5 top left click "Linked File". From the top right of that window, select "Embed Image". The file is embedded. Just click "Save". Note: Again watch out for Font Substitution issues.

Option 3:

Find someone with CS6, or the latest version of Illustrator and ask them to re-save the file as a CS5 compatible file for you.


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