How to resize a video using YouTube.

As we do a lot of video work for social here at Brand by Design, we often run into space problems when clients want to share video with us. Depending on how the video was shot and on what device, the resulting file size may be more than a few gigabytes in size and as such quite time consuming to transfer or work with. And unless you are using WeTransfer or Dropbox, getting your video delivered to the right person can be tricky.

So below is an easy way to resize video files, using your YouTube account.

Log into you YouTube account.

Upload your video.

Once the video has finished uploading, complete the details page and set your video to “private". Finish going through the the upload steps.

Then, still in the YouTube interface, click the link that says "Channel Videos". Then click the “Videos" link from the left hand side.

Next to the video you wish to use, click the three vertical dots and click “download”. The video should have been significantly reduced in size and perfectly optimised for online viewing.

Save the resized video to you computer.

The resulting file is now much easier to share, whether you are uploading to social, using WeTransfer or Dropbox, or similar.

Up to you whether you decide to remove the file from Youtube or leave it there for future use.


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