How to edit a page in Wordpress - A simple beginner's guide to editing pages in Wordpress

Step 1: Login

Login to the interface via the wp-admin url: Once inside, you will see the Wordpress Content Management System (CMS) interface where you can edit your site. On the left hand side you will see a list of available menu options. In most cases you'll be working in the 'Pages' section. Feel free to look around. You can’t really break anything unless you make changes and save them.

A bit about the pages section:

Click the pages link >> you will see a list of available pages deployed on your website. Beneath the title you will see a series of links. Hovering over each link will show a series of secondary links. Edit, Quick Edit, Trash, View.

Edit - Allows you to edit the contents of a page.

Quick Edit - Allows you to edit the attributes of a page.

Trash - will send the item to the Trash, but it will not be deleted unless you clear the Trash. So inadvertently deleted pages can usually be recovered.

View - Allows you to view the page in question. It is often a good idea to open a new tab with this link so you can view your changes as they are saved.

Step 2: Editing a page

Click the 'edit' link. The chosen page will then be displayed in the browser window.

Be aware that no changes are saved unless you click the blue ‘Update’ button on a page. It appears at the top and usually the bottom for convenience too.

If you make changes and feel that you don't want to save them, simply navigate away from the page by clicking another link, or somewhere else. Your browser may then ask if you want to leave the page and unsaved information. In this case just click 'yes'.

Continuing with editing...

Middle right of the page you will see a toggle for 'visual' or 'text' view. Click each of these to see what they do. In both of these views, you may see snippets of code or short code. They will be contained within square brackets like this [ ] or like this <> You should not alter the coded areas, unless you are a trained professional, or this will break the formatting. The other areas of text can be edited. You can also use the visual editor buttons at the top of the section to format, add links, media, images etc.

Step 3: Save your work

Once you are finished editing, to save your changes, click the Update button. The current page will refresh. Once it has done so, you can view your newly updated page, preferably in another tab.

Step 4: Logout

Once you are finished editing, just log out of the Wordpress interface from the control panel top right. Voila! You're done!


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